deep in the bazaar

A blacksmith deep in the market in Sulaimania, Iraqi Kurdistan.

I live and work in Iraqi Kurdistan. On the weekends I often go walking around the bazaar to talk to shop owners, to absorb the sights and sounds of the market and to snap a few photos.

I took this shot a few months after arriving in Iraq. I didn’t know my way around the bazaar very well yet, I was hopelessly lost in a maze of spices, scarves and shebab. I stumbled into the carpentry/ metal-working section of the bazaar and found a handful of blacksmiths making tools in their old-fashioned smithies.

I took a few shots of a man wearing traditional Kurdish clothes hammering a slab of hot iron into the shape of a tool. It took a handful of shots and a bit of adjustment of the shutter speed until I was happy with the movement of the hammer. I like the atmosphere of the scene as a whole.


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