eat meat!

I served as a Peace Corps volunteer for a few years in Mongolia. I was working as a teacher trainer in the city of Darkhan, an hour or so south of Russia, for the last 18 months or so of my service. I worked with a number of different schools doing technology training workshops, methodology trainings, co-teaching and classroom observations. The school I worked more closely with was school 15. At the end of the year a handful of the teachers I was closest with rented a microbus, packed it full of vodka, milk-tea, 12 or so teachers and a sheep and off we went into open Mongolian steppe for a farewell picnic.

Mongolians love picnics. Mongolians love wrestling. Mongolians love vodka. Mongolians love meat. I took this photos after a few rounds of wrestling, a few bottles of vodka, and mid-way through the slaughtered sheep. On special occasions Mongolians slaughter a goat/sheep/marmot (more on the technique later), throw slabs into a 5-gallon pressure cooker along with potatoes, carrots and the most important ingredient: boiling hot stones. The hot stones cook the feast (this dish is called ‘khurkhug’) and after the meat is cooked, everyone is tossed a burning hot rock to juggle in their hands a la hot potato. After that, it’s time to dig in.

I took this photo as Khangai bagsh, a former air force pilot for the former Soviet Union turned Russian teacher, is passing me a fatty slab of mutton. ‘Bi mongoliin Khurkhugin makhnd mash ikh sanaj bainshdee!’ I sure do miss Mongolian stewed mutton!


2 thoughts on “eat meat!

  1. Hello Chris
    I reading your blog, It’s so nice. Thank u insert my photos (eat meat). I missing you. How are you? Now where are you working? Thank you for your introduce me on your blog.

  2. Khangai, you are very welcome. I’m glad you were able to see the site. Tell all of the teachers at school 15 I miss them very much. What’s new in Darkhan? Sumya zakhiral retired didn’t he? Any new teachers these past few years?

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