illuminated zulu children

Silhouettes of two Zulu children in a village in eastern South Africa

I took this shot in January, 2010 while I was in southern Africa visiting some friends serving in the Peace Corps. After traipsing around Mozambique and Swaziland for a week or so, we drove our hubcapless mudsoaked Toyota Yaris rental into Jessie’s host community.

After a mouthwatering meal cooked by Jessie’s host mother, and checking out his little cousin’s giant toad, I grabbed John Clemo’s tripod to take a few night shots. I took a few shots of the village from a distance, and heard the scurrying of feet behind me. A pair of Jessie’s cousins were curious as to what I was doing alone in the darkness, with my three-legged machine so I thought I would take their fote.

I metered the exposure for the village in the background and had the shutter open for 20 seconds. Right after I press the shutter release, I scrambled behind the boys and outlined their silhouettes with a headlamp. I’m mostly pleased with the end result.


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