beach pigs

Leon, Nicaragua. July, 2010. This summer I spend a fair amount of time in Nicaragua, visiting/ traveling with a few really good friends. My buddy Blake is a journalist and a few of my university pals and I flew down to see him. We held handstand competitions/ trainings with street kids, climbed volcanoes, initiated flamenco dance parties and otherwise made fools of ourselves.

This photo was taken in the afternoon of my 27th birthday, on a small beach a few kilometers out of Leon, Nicaragua. Despite the inclement weather, a few of us went surfing as I sat on my birthday throne, casting Birthday Decrees left and right. (A birthday decree is an order that someone may make on their birthday and true friends are obliged to obey it.)

In this photo, Guido (A retired Spanish teacher/ hammock importer) had just hopped down from the bird’s nest of a surfer’s restaurant to get a closer look at a family of pigs that was wandering down the beach. If you look closely you can see that Guido is smoking a birthday cigar and an ant-sized surfer riding waves in background. I am pleased with the composition and the absurd atmosphere of this photo. The Nica Times newspaper used this photo in an article written in mid August.


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