Photopaper: The Ebb and Tide of Big Brother Inc.

I have nearly completed my MBA. The coursework is finished, I just need to submit my thesis within a few months and this long, arduous journey will come to an end. The MBA has sucked up a lot of the time and energy I would normally devote to developing my photography. I have decided to try an experiment where I publish portions of papers and essays I have prepared during my time in the MBA program, accompanied with photos that taken over the past few years.

The name I’ve given to this 50% creative, 50% academic hodgepodge is: Photopaper. The first photopaper series will be selections from a term paper I recently wrote during an economics course.

Without further ado, the title of my paper:

The Ebb and Tide of Big Brother Inc.

Corporate Governance Challenges in SOEs

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting installment: Table of Contents!

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