Photopaper: 1 Types of State-Owned Enterprises




Hohhot, China. September, 2010. I have decided to try an experiment where I publish portions of papers and essays I have prepared during my time in the MBA program, accompanied with photos that taken over the past few years. The name I’ve given to this 50% creative, 50% academic hodgepodge is: Photopaper. The first photopaper series will be selections from a term paper I recently wrote entitled “The Ebb and Tide  of Big Brother Inc.”

In life, very few things are black and white; SOEs are no exception. If an artist were to walk into an art supply store and walk through the aisles in search of red paint, she would be in for quite a dilemma. She would be faced with myriad hues of vermillion, crimson, fuchsia, cadmium, burnt sienna, or pink. All of which could all be nearly approximated to her seemingly simple goal: the color red. Moreover, she would have an entirely new set of decisions to make regarding the best type of paint to match her intended medium.

There are numerous ways in which nation states can be connected to nation. The following are merely a few of the more common examples, examined from weakest to strongest association between nation and firm. After discussing the various forms that SOEs can take, we will specify which kind faces challenges related to corporate governance.

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting installment: 1.1 Public-Private Partnerships!

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