waxing photographic

one of first semester photography course students, Ahmed, playing with the world’s thinnest camera

Please accept my invitation to enter into the deeper exploration of context, culture, and story that provide a backstage view of the people, places and emotion of both the photographed and photographer. When possible I will share both technical and personal perspectives of selected images.

Photography is a powerful medium, and while I think it’s important for an image to ‘speak for itself” I believe it can be made even more meaningful when given thoughtful context. If there are any photos from my flickr stream (http://www.flickriver.com/photos/brownbearphotography/) or my website (www.chrisdebruyn.com) feel free to let me know which one’s you’re curious about and I’ll do my best to let you a bit about them. I welcome you to leave comments or to email me at debruyn.chris@gmail.com.


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